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Green Lodz

In the middle ages Łódź was surrounded by woods and more than 10 rivers were flowing here. Because of this, in the XIXth century Łódź was developing as a cotton town. Nowadays within the borders of the city there are famous forests: Łagiewniki, Lublinek, Ruda Popioły.  In city parks, you can find massive trees -  nature monuments. Some of them are more than 200 years old. The whole area of city parks is 503,8 hectares. Some of them were founded by cotton manufacturers as private gardens and can be very attractive for tourists. Not only as recreation areas but also as a places of artistic performances and concerts. In Łódź you can also visit the Botanical Garden and the ZOO. Parks and green areas in the Łódź is not only a place of rest and recreation of the inhabitants, but also an important meeting place for outdoor. There are organized during the summer picnics, concerts, group activities (running, fitness, yoga, Nordic walking), games (tennis, chess) and play and film screenings in the open air. Various cycling is also etched into the traditions of the green and active Lodz. Lovers walking willingly choose to organize guided walks in the footsteps of Lodz monuments such as the rivers.

Botanical Garden in Lodz
 36/38 Krzemieniecka , 94-303 Łódź
 tel.: (+48) 42 688 44 20, (+48) 42 688 44 91, (+48) 42 688 44 85
Palm House
 61 Piłsudskiego , 90-329 Łódź
 tel.: (+48) 42 674 96 65
Park im. 1-go Maja (1st May Park)
 Patriotyczna, Głębinowa , Łódź
Park im. 3-go Maja (3rd May Park)
 Małachowskiego, Kopcińskiego , Łódź
Park Julianowski (Julianowski Park)
 ok. 150 Zgierska/Biegańskiego/Krzewowa , Łódź
Park Moniuszki (Moniuszko Park, former Kolejowy Park)
 Kilińskiego, Składowa, POW, Narutowicza , Łódź
Park Poniatowskiego (Poniatowski Park)
 Mickiewicza , Łódź
Park Sienkiewicza (Henryk Sienkiewicz's Park)
Park Źródliska I (Źrodliska I Park)
 Fabryczna, Przędzalniana, Piłsudskiego , Łódź
Park Źródliska II (Źródliska II Park)
 Targowa, Fabryczna, pl. Zwycięstwa , Łódź