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Fashion Lodz

Lodz has been a city associated with fashion industry for more than two hundred years, and its unique character straight from the 19th century is still an inspiration for many artists, especially clothing designers.

The city is the seat of the most important higher education establishments, educating designers and garment technologists – Akademia Sztuk Pięknych (Academy of Arts) with the Faculty of Textile and Fashion, unique in Poland, and a Higher Technical Education Establishment, Faculty of Material Technologies and Textile Design at the Technical University of Lodz.
This city is also a home to institutions operating in the field of fashion and organizations gathering fashion designers, including: Future in Fashion Foundation, Centrum Promocji Mody (Fashion Promotion Center), Centralne Muzeum Włókiennictwa (Central Museum of Textiles).

Each year, Lodz hosts the most important fashion events in the country, such as: FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland, Złota Nitka (Golden Thread), Gala Dyplomowa Katedry Ubioru (Graduation Gala of the Department of Fashion Design), Fashion Lab, RE-ACT Fashion Show, which present young creators and new design concepts, and provide space for discussions on fashion topics. Such events offer also an opportunity of a direct confrontation of individual artistic achievements with a particular customer – participant of a given event.

Focus and integration of international fashion events, so diverse in images but so cohesive in themes, in one city, turn Lodz into a special place on the map of both the country and world. The city supports and patronizes all the enumerated events promoting Polish fashion.

Although Lodz is not the world capital of fashion, it has its own and unique street style. Fashion is a space which for many years has been the showcase of our city. Lodz is a city which grew out of the textile industry.
Shopping malls with the shops of the best clothing and footwear brands:
Manufaktura, Galeria Łódzka, Port Łódź

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland
 78 A. Struga , 90-557 Łódź
 tel.: (+48) 42 636 36 76, (+48) 517 60 24 37
Graduation Gala of the Department of Fashion Design of the Academy of Art
 121 Wojska Polskiego , 91-726 Łódź
 tel.: (+48) 42 254 75 00
International comptetions for clothing designers Golden Thread
 199 Wólczańska , 90-531 Łódź
 tel.: (+48) 42 636 29 83
 5 Karskiego , 91-071 Łódź
 tel.: (+48) 42 664 92 89
OFF Piotrkowska Centre
 138/140 Piotrkowska , 90-062 Łódź
 tel.: (+48) 42 272 30 72
Port Łódź
 245 Pabianicka , 93-457 Łódź
 tel.: (+48) 42 298 12 02, (+48) 42 298 12 12
RE-ACT Fashion Show
 25c Tymienieckiego , 90-350 Łódź
 tel.: (+48) 42 209 35 20, (+48) 42 209 35 21